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What happens to my pixels in new year

The app will continue to work normally and all your pixels will be preserved.

If you are using the "Year in Pixels" mode, then the app will display a blank Year in Pixels for the new year. To see the pixels from the past year go to settings of the app and change the year number in the "How to display your pixels" section.

If you are using the "Pixels by Month" mode, then starting a new year will be the same as starting a new month.

Where do my pixels get stored (important!)

Your pixels are stored in your device and aren't uploaded to the cloud. This has a couple of implications.

For one, your data is kept private in your device so no one can access it.

On the other hand, this makes you responsible for keeping your data safe, so it's important you take the according measures like making backups from once in a while or before uninstalling the app, wiping your device or changing devices.

Your data is private and valuable, further protection mechanisms will be developed to keep it safe.

What happens if I uninstall the app or wipe my device

When you uninstall an app, all its data gets deleted. The same happens when you wipe your device. This means that making either of these things will result in the deletion of your pixels.

To avoid losing your pixels make sure to make a backup before doing this.

Can I recover my pixels in that case?

You can only recover your pixels from a previously made backup. This is why they are important!

How to backup my pixels

To make a backup go to the app, then in the navigation drawer on the left select "Export pixels (JSON)". The app will guide you through the process.

Please note that this process exports your data to a JSON file in cleartext. All your data is in that file, be careful with it.

How to transfer my pixels to another device

On Android to transfer your pixels to a new device go to the app, then in the navigation drawer on the left select "Import pixels (JSON)". The app will guide you through the process.

On iOS simply select the JSON file in the files app and a prompt to import the pixels to the app will pop up.

Does the app has auto backup?

Auto backup was a feature in Android that showed increasingly unstable. The feature is still present and might create auto backups successfully for some users, but manual backups are highly encouraged.

The feature will be reworked and brought back in the future.

I forgot my pin (security) code

As noted on the dialog prompt when setting up a security pin, there's no mechanism to recover that pin in case of you forgetting it.

You can try to input a pin as many times you want, the app will not block itself.