Bits of the story behind this app!

(Psst, looking for help? Try the Pixels Help page)

Who is behind this app

My name is Teo Vogel, I'm an Argentinian computer science student and Android apps developer. I launched this app in 2017 and I've been developing it since then.

If you want to get in touch, you can do so at my Twitter account @teovogel_dev

Origins of this idea

A friend showed me the concept of Year in Pixels and I thought that it would be nice to translate it into an app that reminded you to fill a pixel every day. Over time I added features on top, like the emotions, notes and lots more.

At that moment I didn't know that the original idea for "Year in Pixels" came from a French girl called Camille. If she hadn't contacted me I'd have never known it. I consider her a very talented person and we should give her some love for coming up with the concept! You can see some of her work at:

Instagram: @passioncarnets


The future of this app

Creating this app has brought me much joy, by seeing how much users enjoy it and how it helped them with emotional and mental struggles.

My goal is to give the best I can to this app, bringing innovative tools and resources for those who can benefit from them, with a heavy emphasis on transparency and ethics within its development. My end goal is to make a platform for mental health logging and self-awareness.

I never consider it as a finished project!

Transparency and privacy

As mentioned above, ethics and transparency in this app are at the center of its development, and this also translates to your privacy.

I want you to know that I do not collect, share nor sell any bit of data, nor I have access to it.

You can read more about how your data gets stored in the Pixels Help page.

Monetization strategy

I don't believe in shady monetization strategies for a mental health app (like intrusive ads or abusive in-app purchases).

The app is kept mostly ads free. I count on my users to voluntarily see ads to support the development of this project. You can see ads voluntarily by pressing on the heart button on the main screen. That would mean a lot to me! :)

For users that wanted to contribute a little more than watching ads, I created Pixels Plus, a paid little feature that I will explain in the next section.

Other ways of monetization like Patreon might be considered.

Pixels Plus

Pixels Plus is a premium customization feature. It allows you to select two colors each mood face/emoji, instead of only one, creating a beautiful gradient! It also comes with carefully selected and designed color palettes.

It will receive updates with new features in the future. If you purchase it now there will be no need to do it again to get those.

You can try it extensively before buying it. You can also test palettes for a limited time seeing rewarded ads!

The idea is to give a cool perk to those who can contribute even further than by seeing ads, without hurting the experience for those who can't.

Discord server

You can get in touch with other users of the app, give feedback and follow its development at our Discord server, which you can join Here.

Big shout out to the mods and admins that keep the community running, especially to Tinos for approaching me and setting all up! Great lad.


Lots of users had approached to help me out with translating the app to other languages. You can see their names on the Contributors Page. Thanks a lot!!

If you want to help me translate the app to your language, visit the Translations Page for more info.